God’s Justice

As we consider the word “Justice”, we often think of the “court system”, inflicting punishment on offenders. Apostle Oxley offers a different and better view of God’s Justice, not as vengeful retaliation, but as a journey to restore relationships and “fairness”.

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By Susan Oxley, Council of Twelve Apostles

dreamstime_l_1607961Humans, indeed, need justice. Statistics from the United Nations Food and Agriculture organization and Children’s Defense Fund color a bleak picture.

There are seven billion people in the world. An estimated 925 million are hungry. On average 10.9 million children die each year, half because of malnutrition. Genocide in Darfur, Sudan, resulted in more than 200,000 deaths and more than two million refugees. Every three hours a child or youth under 20 is a homicide victim.

Other justice issues in various countries include: race relations, immigration practices, health care, international relations, children’s rights, gender issues, human slavery, armaments, political oppression, religious abuses, limited education, and rights for the physically, mentally, or emotionally challenged.

What responsibility do followers of Jesus Christ have in addressing injustice? What kind of justice is “God’s justice?”

Paul Tillich, a German theologian, identified three levels of justice in Love…

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