The Inviting Vase

An important reminder that our commitment to God’s kingdom building plan can be simple. We just need to be consistent, and watch how God moves with us, to further His work!

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screen-shot-2014-06-19-at-11-09-31-amMission is radically relational and invitational. –  LCM Overview

by Michele McGrath
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Last weekend I worshiped with the congregation where I used to be pastor several years ago.  I was so excited to see the church was packed!  As worship began, I was happy to participate in a practice called “The Inviting Vase” that we started years before.

Let me explain.

Before Pastor Leadership Teams were called Pastor Leadership Teams, our Pastor Leadership Team was struggling.  How are we becoming adaptable to the disruptive promptings of the Holy Spirit?  How can we create a culture that is radically relational and invitational? What practice might help us to foster a culture of invitation in this congregation?

The practice we came up with, an idea suggested by a mentor of mine, was The Inviting Vase.  It is so simple it is almost silly.  We place a glass vase at…

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What the Cross Means to Me

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By Kris Judd, staff pastor

My physician wears a simple silver cross on her lapel. I had not noticed it until a recent visit, and I was not aware of her religious preference. But I knew she was a woman of faith by the way she spoke and treated her patients. I told her I appreciated that she was not afraid to wear the symbol of her faith, and she responded, “I wear it close to my heart. It’s my work.”

Jim Wallis of Sojourners made a similar comment when he wrote about the popularity of Pope Francis. “Francis is just doing his job. The pope is meant to be a follower of Christ.” I love Pope Francis, not only for what he does for the poor, the oppressed, the excluded, and marginalized, but for what he is doing for all Christianity in its diverse shapes, forms, and denominations.


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The Significance of Christ in Religious Relativism

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wa-o-g-2I have been doing some thinking the past few weeks, trying to wrap my head around something very important in the realm of Christianity:

Why is Christ important?

I’ve been wrestling with this question in the midst of trying to be fair and open minded to the existence and claims of other world religions. This is not meant to be a statement against those world religions as much as it is for Christianity, or, perhaps more accurately, for Christ. I suppose the basic question that really started my “Christ kick” is: “why is it that Christ should hold significance among all the world religions?”

This blog post is an attempt to not only address the significance of Christ among the world’s religions, but also an attempt to put forth that Christ has the most significance among the world religions.

To begin, I’d like to offer a few words about Religious Relativism

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