The Significance of Christ in Religious Relativism

Young Adult Ministries

wa-o-g-2I have been doing some thinking the past few weeks, trying to wrap my head around something very important in the realm of Christianity:

Why is Christ important?

I’ve been wrestling with this question in the midst of trying to be fair and open minded to the existence and claims of other world religions. This is not meant to be a statement against those world religions as much as it is for Christianity, or, perhaps more accurately, for Christ. I suppose the basic question that really started my “Christ kick” is: “why is it that Christ should hold significance among all the world religions?”

This blog post is an attempt to not only address the significance of Christ among the world’s religions, but also an attempt to put forth that Christ has the most significance among the world religions.

To begin, I’d like to offer a few words about Religious Relativism

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