The Inviting Vase

An important reminder that our commitment to God’s kingdom building plan can be simple. We just need to be consistent, and watch how God moves with us, to further His work!

Young Adult Ministries

screen-shot-2014-06-19-at-11-09-31-amMission is radically relational and invitational. –  LCM Overview

by Michele McGrath
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Last weekend I worshiped with the congregation where I used to be pastor several years ago.  I was so excited to see the church was packed!  As worship began, I was happy to participate in a practice called “The Inviting Vase” that we started years before.

Let me explain.

Before Pastor Leadership Teams were called Pastor Leadership Teams, our Pastor Leadership Team was struggling.  How are we becoming adaptable to the disruptive promptings of the Holy Spirit?  How can we create a culture that is radically relational and invitational? What practice might help us to foster a culture of invitation in this congregation?

The practice we came up with, an idea suggested by a mentor of mine, was The Inviting Vase.  It is so simple it is almost silly.  We place a glass vase at…

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